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Manufacturer’s Representative for Power Electronics

Inrush Current Limiters • Temperature Sensors • NTC and PTC Thermistors

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Power Transformers (Dry Type) up to 1500 KVA 50 to 400 hz — Multi-Pulse Transformers • Chokes • Inductors • Reactors • Control Transformers • Custom Transformer


Circuit Protection — Bussmann© High Speed, LV, MV, and xEV Fuses • Disconnects • Holders, Blocks, Terminal Blocks

Wiring Devices — Receptacles (GFCI, AFGCI) • Switches • Pin and Sleeve Devices

electro technik

Custom Magnetics – Raycom Electronics and Hytronics

Film Capacitors and Electronic Filters – Arizona Capacitors and Plastic Capacitors

Resistors – Tepro, Hymeg, and Precision Resistor

ge capacitors

Induction Heating and Melting Capacitors • Ratings up to 15,000 Volts and up to 540 kHz • Electronic – High Current and DC


Capacitors – Electrolytic • AC and DC Film • Solid Polymer Supercapacitors – EDLC • Lithium Ion • Modules

methode power solutions

Bus Bars • Extremely Flexible Power Cables • Power Connectors and Contacts • Thermal Management


Microelectronics – Power Management and DC-DC Converters

Optoelectronics – Optocouplers and Fiber Optic Transceivers

Sensors and Displays – Hall Effect and Optical Sensors • LED and LED Displays

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IGBT Modules • DIPIPMs • IPMs • SiC Modules • HVIGBTs • SiC Discretes

EMI Power Line Filters — Standard and Custom for Commercial, Industrial, and Military Applications


Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials • Aluminum and Kapton Thermal Pads • Silicone Films • Gap Fillers • Thermally Conductive Adhesives • Lateral Heat Spreader Films